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July 3rd will be Pistol League this Week.

Tuesday's weather looks poor.

LOW KEY "action style pistol & PCC shooting" event. 

Every Tuesday (weather permitting with Wednesday being a rain date) between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Open squadding. Shooting starts after setup is complete at about 3:30pm and the last squad will start about 5:30pm. 

If you're interested in action type shooting but are a bit intimidated by the "official" matches; please come out to Pistol League and learn the ropes. Schultz Gun Club boasts an abundance of nationally certified Range Officers, Chief Range Officers, and national level competitors that would love to show you the ropes.


The first official match for 2024 was on May 21st and on May 14th there was a "intro" session for new shooters who wanted to learn all about the game.

Every week there is all the usual fun. This is an action shooting event with score determined by calculating points divided by time for each of the stages. $10 for Schultz members and $15 for non-members. Punch cards of 12 for $100 and $150 respectively.

Minimum needs: Handgun or PCC (No rifle calibers), 3 magazines, approx. 150 rounds. 22LR OK if it is all you have. There are no formal equipment rules with the intent to allow more people to shot with what they already have. If you need to borrow equipment, we have plenty to lend. Please email ahead so we have you set up.

For more information email:

Squads go out as people arrive. First Squad goes out after setup is complete (between 3pm & 3:30pm) and last quad goes out at about 5:30pm.

Tuesdays only for right now with Wednesdays being for rainout days. Check the calendar and the Book Face Group and IG for timely information.

Figure on 4 stages at the beginning and if daylight and match flow allow, we will add a fifth stage. Maybe...

Round count with be around 100-125.

Fun will be an 8 out of 10.

Because we had a number of days last year where the last squad was not able to shoot all the stages, we will be limiting squad size and not allowing shooting twice on the same squad.

We are going to try to run 6 to 8 people squads. So, if you have a big group, figure on how to split yourselves up as needed. Also, for the folks who like to shoot twice, we will ask that you go out in two different squads (Example: Go out at 4pm and again at 5:15pm). This should allow for everyone to flow through as efficiently as possible and shoot all the stages.

And as become the norm, the clubhouse will be open for libations.

Link to Past Match Results

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